Thursday, March 19, 2009

Artist Statement Geometry Personified, March 2011

Ashlynn Browning, Artist Statement, Geometry Personified

In my current series, I’m interested in creating a hybrid of geometric forms and intuitive process.  This work bridges the gap between physical and psychological landscape. Many of these new paintings I read as “places” and even still-lifes.  In others, geometric forms---precarious, toppling, and off balance---are stand-ins for figures.  They offer a psychological presence and an overarching mood that is playful, quirky, and at times melancholy.
Experimenting with the idea of opposing forces is a large factor in this series.  Bold color against muted, geometric forms mixing with biomorphic ones, rough, painterly texture against flat areas, pattern against color field--these are variables that I mix, layer and wipe away in multiple stages until a resonant image is formed. Drawing inspiration from Philip Guston, Thomas Nozkowski, and Amy Sillman, I find this tug of war between representation and abstraction to be infinitely intriguing.
Working in a very intuitive manner, I aim to strike a balance in my paintings between calculation and accident, restraint and recklessness, deliberation and instinct. This idea of balance is one that resonates with me as being “truthful” and is also perhaps a parallel for my life philosophy.
Each painting in this series has taught me something new and has continued a cycle of discovery and surprise. Those feelings of exploration and inventiveness are my chief pleasure in the studio.

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